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What is a Phone Actor or Phone Actress?

A phone actor or actress is a person who entertains callers on the phone. Generally this does involve very explicit adult conversation but that is not everything. The goal is to keep the caller entertained for as long as possible without having them hang up.

Most of the callers are male regardless of what type of line they are calling, however we do have females call in periodically.

The fun thing about this type of work is you don’t need ANY experience. All you need is the ability to talk, be motivated, and above everything else be CREATIVE and FUN.

There are no set hours YOU create your own schedule. Work for as long or as little as you like.

NOTHING will EVER be billed to you.

Don’t be shy we can use all types of people… the more choices our callers have the better.



You must live in the continental US. (Please DO NOT apply if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or California.)

A regular land line phone that plugs into the wall is preferred however you can use a cordless or cell phone.

The only options you must not have are privacy director or privacy block.

An e-mail address is a plus but not a necessity.


Your are an Independent Contractor, NOT AN EMPLOYEE. We do not take taxes out at the end of the year. We will 1099 you. It is your responsibility to set aside the appropriate amount that will be due at the time you file your taxes.

Keep track of ALL traffic that you handle for weekly invoices/payment.

Any funds owed will not be mailed or direct deposited UNTIL you reach $25.00. Until said time all funds will be added together and on hold.


All calls sent to you must be answered on the 1ST ring.

Listen to the "Whisper" message, 1 time only this tells you what the caller is expecting from you.

PRESS 1 to accept the call. This is very important as the caller does not know you have answered the phone until you press the 1 key.

For advertising and promotion use:

Straight live 1 on 1 = 1-800-373-7888
Alternative (male on male) = 1-800-893-1877
Psychic = 1-800-396-8865

Along with the extension # assigned to you. Remember as an Independent Contractor it is your responsibility to promote and advertise your character.


Please refer to agreement for a detailed explanation. To read agreements click here.

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